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Raw fennel seeds nutrition facts

Raw Fennel SeedsFennel is vastly grown all over Middle Eastern, Europe, India, China, and Turkey. This herbaceous plant has up to 2 meter height with dark green feathery (silky) leaves and vibrant yellow flowers in umbels. Usually, raw fennel seeds are collected when the seed heads become light brown in colour. The seeds, which look like to anise seeds in appearance, characteristic elongated or curved (comma) shape, light brown color with thin vertical lines on surface and are about 3-4mm long. Continue reading


Benefits of black cumin seeds making more space for cumin seeds exporters in the market

black cumin seedsBlack cumin seeds are local to Southwest Asia. They are generally utilized for culinary purposes as a part of candy manufacturing and making of liquors because of their pungent taste and bitter smell. These seeds are utilized for centuries for medicinal reasons. It has proved that consumption of black cumin seeds is an alternative, herbal treatment that should be used as per doctor’s prescription. Continue reading

Fennel Seeds Manufacturers – Doing good to all

Whenever one goes out to eat or many times even at home after taking supper one is served with a mouth freshener it is generally the fennel seeds. The fennel seed manufacturers in India are not many but the consumption is very high. It is used not only as a mouth freshener but also as an important ingredient in many dishes and even pickles. One can find at the locations from distance that there is a fennel seed manufacturer around. It is normally found in the regions that have a mild climate.

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